Retno Yuliyanti

      My full name is Retno Yuliyanti, my nickname is Retno. I was born on the day of the week at 6 am on July 5, 1992. I was born in midwife Hj. Tjoana. I am female. I am the first child of three brothers. My first sister-sex male and named Wahyu Sugiarto, while my second sister female named Indi Anggraini. My father name is H. Sunarto and my mother name is Hj. Suryanah. We stayed on the road Kemuning Raya, Bekasi.

      I am among those who can adjust to the situation, can work together, courteous, kind, caring, punctual, able to do the job well, want to add insight and knowledge from others, want to try new things, simple, always thinking positive, honest, patient, and wants to be successful in all respects.

      I was in elementary school SD Negeri Bojong Rawa Lumbu II Bekasi, Then, when I was a Junior High School in SMP Negeri 8 Bekasi and Senior High School in SMK Mutiara Baru Bekasi. Now, I’m Studied in Management Department, Faculty of Economy, University of Gunadarma and live at Kemuning Raya street, Bekasi. After graduating from university, I wants to work as in Beacukai and bankers.

      My hobbies are fishing and sightseeing. Usually I fished with my father and friends, sometimes with family. I usually bawal and patin fish. For hobbies I normally walks with his mother, family and sometimes with friends. I like fishing since from SMK, while the streets of my hobby since junior high.

      After completion of education at the Gunadarma university and got a college degree, I wanted to continue her education to earn a master’s degree, but my education before going to work, after getting a job that suits my liking, then I would like to continue their education, to work and have my own income hope to ease the burden of the cost of my education.

      Achievement and organizations that I never get that get ranked 1st, 2nd, 5th grade in elementary school education 1, 4, 5 and win the race, volleyball, scout between schools and the junior high school in Bekasi I’ve got the same rank, and win the race inter-school scouts got 1st champion, join a member of OSIS At the time SMK was ranked 2nd for 3 years. Once a member of OSIS, was chairman extracurricular taekwondo, ever PKL in PT. Dae Young Indonesia to get good grades and many other achievements. During Gunadarma university has many courses, workshops, seminars and other activities of the organization I’ve ever played.

      Ideals or my expectation is I want to be useful for all people, the State and religion. Science so that I can be useful to others. To plan my career, I want to work in customs and become a successful entrepreneur. Because my father wanted his children later became an entrepreneur in order to be independent apart but can also learn about the business world entirely.


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