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       The rapid development of information technology today demand a lot of parties, especially the website developers to be more creative. Coupled with a variety of mobile devices such as smart phones, tablet PC, notebooks until today is used by many people busy, certainly will affect the accessibility of a website if it is not responsive (able to adjust the screen resolution on mobile devices) will definitely have a look garbled. As a result, the website is not responsive will surely quiet visitors who cause harm to their owners. 

       The need for a more responsive website design is also expected to increase in the future. This is because the nature of the responsive web design has a flexible and easy to change and adjust the width of the screen resolution of the device used. So that Internet users will feel comfortable when visiting a web page responsive. 

       The good news, now the competition in the responsive website design services business is still small, so there is still a very wide open for those who want to develop it. Strategy that can be used to start a service business is to offer a relatively cheap price, so that your prospective clients will be interested. Also, try to always be able to fulfill the wishes of customers and continue to provide website designs are more creative and innovative. 

       Competition is still a little bit of this, which makes the prospect of responsive website design services business is very promising. This is related to some of the things that make business services more and has a bright future, including the growth rate of Internet users continues to increase, the media that are proven effective to improve the image of the business and the company, the ease to deliver complete business information, and the last address of the website it is easier to remember than numbers telephone . 

       Another advantage of the website with responsive design is the ease in establishing good communication with customers. With this addition the media, prospective subscriber will also feel more comfortable in accessing corporate information because it has unlimited space for anyone, lower cost, and can be accessed anywhere and anytime. 

       In this business website creation services have benefits or advantages for company or consumers, among others: First, to help promote the company or consumers in the presence of the name of the agency to the world community in general and the people of Indonesia in particular. Approximately 50 million people in Indonesia to access the internet. Secondly, to provide complete information about institutions profile, vision and mission, facilities provided, information on services (service) is given, up to, builds a community in cyberspace. Third, in order to collect feedback Easing criticism and suggestions from the public world for the quality of institutions. Fourth, Building image in the eyes of the public institutions, where it is represented in the look of the website. Fifth, Easing the customer to obtain all the information about the data the agency or the service provided. Sixth, Building a community of loyal customers where the website is expected to be part of process Customer Relationship Program. 

       While the weakness of the business website creation services this is the first, the problem of funds, in which the company or perhaps a novice consumer funds to make this website too big. While the company is still in need of funds for operations of the company. Actually there is another way to overcome this is by choosing a cheap website creation services. Thus we can still have a website and also needs to fund our other things are not scrambling. Second, if consumers choose the wrong company or website development services, then these data that companies provide to their customers or can be given to other parties. As we know there are some websites to create a data which should we deposited the web makers, so that the data will be in his hands. Data already in the hands of others that may be used for purposes that could harm our company. For example, the data is provided to the business of our competitors, the competitors then use it to do evil against us. To overcome this we should be careful and selective in the company prefers to handle web creation company or the consumer. Taking into account the advantages and disadvantages, then we can decide whether we are going to create your own website or entrust the services creation website. All are advantages and disadvantages and we must take this decision as part of a management task. 

       Consumers are the target of most consumers who need the services of this website creation agencies or companies who want to introduce their products to be marketed. Even so there are many individuals who use the services of this website creation. In addition to the above, your target consumers are organizations, community leaders, artists, business or businesses, government agencies and non-governmental, and non-governmental organizations (LPM) which requires the website to facilitate business. 

       Marketing services can be done through, first Google Adwords paid advertising media is can put your website appears in the top of the page in the targeted keywords that have been researched and defined in advance. You can use your company’s website in order to attract more clients as well as with the purpose of branding. Second, SEO Adwords Similarly, the goal of SEO or Search Engine Optimization is to place your website go to page one of Google and so, your website can appear in frequently typed keywords when searching for information. Third, the Google Display Network With this, we can show our website banner to appear on the website – certain websites which we have previously targeted as seconds, Fimela and many more in accordance with the target market and niche market your company. Fourth, Social Media Social media is suitable for your company engaged in the business B2C Business to Customer are advisable if your company is engaged in B2B Business to Business is better to use Google Adwords or SEO as a marketing medium. 

       Until when required website creation services. To date in Indonesia the use of websites for different purposes and certainly a new beginning stages will experience growth in the future. In developed countries the development of information media via the Internet continues to grow. Seeing this development and skill in the field of website creation, people will be self-contained with sufficient income. 

       While there are many companies or consumers who need the internet to market your product or company, so the more business opportunities website creation services required. Today the use of the Internet is a global international companies also include many are using the Internet media. Besides how easily enough in front of the computer alone, easily, effectively and efficiently without having to expend more energy than we are working in a company. This website creation services business prospects a good future, because many companies or consumers who use these media for a promotional tool, introducing the products, companies, and so forth. 


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